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The CCIH Annual Conference kicked off Friday, June 26 with a preconference session on family planning, followed by a session on Engaging with the U.S. Government to End Extreme Poverty. 
We are excited to have global health professionals and students from 15 different nations together to share best practices and Christian fellowship.
Thanks to Paul Frank of SIL LEAD (left) Laura van Vuuren, Global Health Consultant and Linda Hiebert of World Vision for a discussion on microfinance and the inextricable link between health and poverty. 
Thank you to our generous sponsors.



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Earthquake in Nepal Print
CCIH members continue to respond to the recent earthquakes in Nepal that killed more than 8,000 people and injured many others. Child First Meds (supported by the Lucress and Dick Watson Foundation) recently sent enough emergency medicine and supplies to assist 10,000 people in Nepal for three months. CCIH affiliate, the Dr. Iwamura Memorial Hospital and Research Center is partnering with AmeriCares and delivering supplies to clinics in the Kathmandu Valley. (Photo below of deliveries courtesy of Dr. Iwamura Memorial Hospital)
CCIH asks for your prayers for the people of Nepal. We pray for the staff of CCIH member Nepal Christian Hospitals Association and the Dr. Iwamura Memorial Hospital and Research Center and all the people they care for.
See information about CCIH members providing assistance, share your organization's work, and learn how you can help and/or partner with others in the CCIH network here.


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CCIH Board Names Executive Director Print

The CCIH Board of Directors is pleased to announce it has selected Garrett Grigsby to serve as CCIH Executive Director. Garrett was named Interim Executive Director in August 2014, when Ray Martin retired from the position. 
"The Board was unanimous in naming Garrett as CCIH's Executive Director, said Gordon Raley, CCIH Interim Board President. "He has clearly demonstrated his passion for the organization's mission and is committed to its vision for the future. His previous experience working with faith-based global health organizations, his knowledge of government agencies, and his advocacy expertise gained from years of experience on Capitol Hill made us confident that he was prepared to lead the organization to new levels, as we strive to help our members serve those in need around the globe."

Garrett has been a member of CCIH since 2009. He began his career in international development in 1991 on the staff of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee. As Deputy Staff Director, he was responsible for oversight of all U.S. Government foreign assistance programs. In 2002, Garrett joined USAID as Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Bureau for Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance. He was appointed in 2005 Director of USAID's Center of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. In 2006, Garrett began consulting for Christian non-profits to help expand their work overseas and strengthen relationships with the federal government. 

"I want to thank the Board of Directors for their decision to choose me to serve as CCIH's Executive Director," said Garrett. "It has been an honor and a very rewarding experience to serve as Interim Executive Director since September, so I know how CCIH is blessed to have wonderful and dedicated staff and Board members that care deeply about our mission. It is my commitment to ensure that CCIH remains a vital voice promoting global health and wholeness from a Christian perspective, to enhance member services, and to strengthen the organization so that we can effectively do the work that God has called us to do."
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Christians and Immunization Print
Reports of religious objections to vaccinations can paint a picture that faith communities are opposed to immunization. In this video produced by CCIH, Dr. Richard Lane of Liberty University examines this trend of objections to vaccination and discusses how faith communities are helping protect the lives of children with vaccines.

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Baptist Organization Integrates Family Planning with Cancer Sreening Print
If Mardea* had not had the convenience of cancer screening and family planning services available in her rural community in Cameroon, her story is likely to be very different. Fortunately, Mardea’s cancer was detected during screening at a mobile clinic operated by Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS) Women’s Health Program (WHP) that offers cancer screening along with family planning services, both provided by trained nurses.  

The cancer screening method is called “digital cervicography” (DC), which uses a digital camera with a magnification lens to project 30X magnified images of the cervix onto a TV monitor visible to both the woman and the nurse. The cervix is first stained with acetic acid (vinegar), which causes pre-cancers to appear white. The nurse explains any abnormalities visible on the TV screen to the woman, thus empowering her to participate in making decisions on treatment.  
Photo: A health worker uses digital photocervicography to record digital images in the woman’s medical record and to send the photos for consultation for difficult cases.  The provider explains the real time images to the woman being screened so that she is empowered in her health care. Courtesy of CBCHS. 

Although Mardea was not having symptoms, health workers discovered a cervical lesion consistent with the early stages of invasive cervical cancer when she was evaluated at the clinic. A biopsy was taken and sent to the Yaoundé Gyneco-Obstetric and Pediatric Hospital. The results confirmed her cancer. The staff counseled Mardea on her treatment options and she chose radiotherapy over a hysterectomy. She was then referred to the Douala General Hospital where she received treatment and is now home with her family in northwestern Cameroon.   
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