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  • Child Care Alternatives for Vulnerable Children | by Gill Grant | In this article, Gill Grant considers various alternatives for care for vulnerable children. | View Article
  • Child Participation Programming, Guidance from the Experience of Zimbabwe Orphans through Extended Hands This article was constructed from material provided by Jean Webster, including notes from a presentation she delivered at Viva’s 2008 International Cutting Edge Conference. (Dick Stellway edited the material for this article.) Jean Webster is Founder and Director of Zimbabwe Orphans through Extended hands (ZOE), Africa. | View Article
  • Pathways to Resilience in Children Affected by Adversity | by Dick Stellway, Ph.D. | In this article, Dick Stellway presents seven pathways to resilience for children affected by adversity. | View Article
  • Documenting Outcomes: Providing Salt and Light for the World by Dr. Andrew Tomkins | Dr. Tomkins stresses the importance of determining what can be achieved from Christian outreach efforts with populations affected by AIDS, including orphans and vulnerable children. | View Article  


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