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Christian Connections for International Health is a membership organization with a diverse network of individuals from across the globe.

CCIH began in 1987 as an informal forum for Christian agencies and individuals concerned about international health to discuss areas of mutual interest and to share in fellowship However, the concept of membership was not developed until CCIH became a formal organization in 1992. For the first years after that, the membership remained small but by 2000 the numbers began to increase. Responding to a desire by non-Christian organizations to become involved in the CCIH network, a new category of CCIH affiliate (initially called Friend of CCIH) was created and in 2005 Family Health International became the first affiliate.

CCIH's members and affiliates support the provision of and access to health care around the world through partnerships with local, national and international entities. They support private and public health service sites such as hospitals, clinics and community health networks. They also work with parish social service networks, working with and through pastors, church hierarchies and the laity to encourage and support health-related activities.

The CCIH network of organizations reflects the diversity of global agencies bringing their resources and passions to the principles of serving the poor and creating a better world. Its membership spans the Christian spectrum, and its affiliates, exhibit a similar variety. Although they vary in size, specific focus and capacity they share in a desire to bring support and technical excellence to healing ministries worldwide, advocating for a world where all, without bias, have access to basic health and prevention services.


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