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Malaria: Scoping New Partnerships | 2009 | Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs at Georgetown University This report takes stock of history, experience, and emerging issues as faith-inspired organizations and communities address malaria in a modern setting. Its context is the global Millennium Development Goals and, more specifically, international efforts to expand both the scale and scope of anti-malaria programs. How religious communities are and how they could be more actively involved is addressed.

Reducing the Cost of Fighting Malaria through Faith-based Outreach | 2013 | The Guardian | Ruth Turner of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation explores how tapping into the powerful reach and influence of faith leaders to educate communities about malaria prevention and the proper use of bed nets is a cost-effective way to reduce deaths from the disease. 

Stopping a Killer: Preventing Malaria in our Communities - A Guide to Help Faith Leaders Educate Congregations and Communities About Malaria | 2010 | IMA World Health and the Center for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty | This guide contains suggested sermon starters for faith leaders to use to help discuss strategies to avoid malaria. The sample sermon accompanying each chapter can be used as a model on how to use Biblical principls to teach these life-saving messages about malaria control. | Partial Version of Christian Guide | Partial Version of Muslim Guide | View More Information About Obtaining Full Guide 





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