CCIH supports family planning by faith-based organizations, although CCIH does not take any position on which family planning methods or choices of contraceptives are acceptable, leaving that choice to each of our members or faith communities, or to individual couples. CCIH does, however, seek to provide useful, scientific information about various contraceptives and their mode of action to help guide our members and faith-based organizations in making choices consistent with their own beliefs and values.
A recent WHO technical report provided the latest consensus of experts on hormonal contraceptives and HIV risk. The expert committee continues to affirm that hormonal contraceptives, including injectables such as Depo-Provera, may be provided with no restrictions--Medical Eligibility Criteria (MEC), Category 1. However, there is a stronger recommendation to always use condoms if at high risk of HIV infection. Condoms are recommended for use with any family planning method if there is a high risk of HIV. The essential conclusions of the report are below:
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Active CCIH Member and President & CEO of Management Sciences for Health Co-Authors World Cancer Day Article Print {sharethis label=}
CCIH Member, Jonathan Quick, MD, MPH, President and CEO of Management Sciences for Health (MSH), co-authored an article to commemorate the February 4 World Cancer Day. The article was entitled, "Closing the Global Cancer Divide: Together It Is Possible." More attention continues to be paid to non-communicable diseases in global health as people realize that it is not just infectious diseases that are the problem in developing countries. 
"Closing the Global Cancer Divide: Together it is Possible" by Felicia M. Knaul, MA, PhD and Jonathan D. Quick, MD, MPH | Read
Nairobi Declaration on Family Health & Well-being Print {sharethis label=}
DSW (Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevoelkerung), Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH) and Muhammadiyah conducted an extended consultation and adopted an “Interfaith Declaration to Improve Family Health and Well-Being”. The Nairobi Declaration clearly supports provision of information and means for couples to control the timing and spacing of their children consistent with their own faith and needs. | English Version | French Version 
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CCIH Member Produces Meditations & Devotions on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Print {sharethis label=}
Meditations & Devotions on the Millennium Development Goals: A Prayerful Guide (ISBN 978-1-4507-9931-7, ©November 2011) is a book of meditations, commentaries, devotions and prayers about the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Published by CCIH member the United Methodist General Board of Church & Society (GBCS), the book is a collection of contributions from around the world about the MDGs. Included in the book, to provide detailed information, is the Millennium Declaration and other documents developed civil society development forums that took place between 2008 and 2011. For further information about the book, please contact the lead writer and editor, Rev. Liberato Bautista, GBCS assistant general secretary for U.N. & International Affairs.
The book can be purchased through the GBCS online bookstore. Proceeds from the sale benefit the United Methodist Church’s Imagine No Malaria and the United Methodist Global Aids Fund.


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The Role of Communications & Information Technology: A New Report Print {sharethis label=}
The two disasters experienced by Haiti in 2010 – the January earthquake and the October outbreak of cholera – provided an opportunity to address “a long-acknowledged gap in humanitarian response: the way in which aid agencies share information with and listen to those affected by the disaster." A new report, Ann Kite Yo Pale or Let Them Speak, explores the role that communication and innovative use of communications technology (particularly mobile phones and web-based technology) had in the response to this double disaster. 
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