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Theme: The Faith Community and the Millennium Development Goals: Accountability to God and the World

Dates: June 11-13, 2010

Venue: Bishop Claggett Center, Buckeystown, Maryland

Click here to view the 2010 Annual Conference Program including the schedule,  biographies of conference presenters, a list of confernece worksohps and plenaries and some general information about the Millennium Development Goals.

Conference Worship Resources - developed by Sara Swart and Elvira Beracochea of MIDEGO, Inc.
Pre-Conferences  (running concurrently) 
A Step-by-step Approach to Integrating Family Planning into your Health Program
·           Nancy Harris, Vice President, John Snow Inc
·           Lauren Van Enk, Program Assistant, Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University
Making a Difference: Innovative M&E Tools for Reaching the MDG’s and   all Global Health Goals
·           Dr. Elvira Beracochea, President & CEO, MIDEGO Inc.
·           Sara Swart, Training and Facilitation Expert, MIDEGO Inc
Restoring Hope: Decent Care for All
·           Ted Karpf, Partnerships Officer, World Health Organization and Episcopal Priest
·           Robin Y Swift , Director of Health Education in the Clergy Wellness Program, Duke University Divinity School
Plenary #1 
The Role of Faith-Based Organisations in Meeting the Millennium Development Goals
·           Dr. Elvira Beracochea, President, MIDEGO Inc. (Moderator, Introduction)
·           Rob Davis, Eastern University and Eastern Mennonite University
·           Rick Santos, President & CEO, IMA World Health
·           Ted Karpf, Partnerships Officer, World Health Organization and Episcopal Priest
Workshop Session #1 (running concurrently)
Measuring Ministry Impact for Project and Donor
Mark Forshaw (Global Scripture Impact)
The Church as Steward of God’s Possessions
·           Rev. Moses Gobah, Lutheran Church in Liberia HIV&AIDS Programme and CHANOL (Christian HIV&AIDS Network of Liberia)
·           Rev. Amos Horace (Board member, Christian HIV&AIDS Network of Liberia)
Urban Health in Developing Countries
·           Dr. Paul Freeman (Univ. of Washington/Univ. of NSW Australia)
·           Dr. Henry Perry (Johns Hopkins Univ. School of Public Health)
Understanding Spiritual, Psychological, and Emotional Aspects of Sexually: Implications for HIV Prevention
·           Emily Chambers (Moderator, Medair)
·           Gracia Blees (SIM)
·           Helene McCauley (SIM)
·           Dr. Hanna Klaus (Natural Family Planning Center of Wash. D.C. and Teen STAR Program)
Plenary #2
Transforming People and Institutions for Lasting Change
·           Prof. Henry Mosley, moderator
·           Stan Rowland, Alliance for Transformational Development
·           Robb Davis, Eastern Mennonite University
Student Session
Mentorship Program Welcome & Overview
·           Michelle Fraser, CCIH Student Board Member
·           Sophie Huber, CCIH Student Outreach Coordinator
Plenary #3
Injustice, Impact, Inspiration: Woman, the MDGs and Faith
·           Dr. Jono Quick, CEO, Management Sciences for Health
·           Mayssa El Khazen, Management Sciences for Health
Mini-Plenary Session (running concurrently)
Health for All Now         
·           Dr. Elvira Beracochea, MIDEGO Inc.
·           Verita Powers, MIDEGO Inc.
Climate Justice: A Call to Stewardship of the Earth and Her Inhabitants
·           Jacqui Patterson, (Moderator),Co-founder and Coordinator, Women of Color United
·           Dr. Kapya John Kaoma, Christ Church/Political Research Associates
Workshop Session #2
Orphans and Vulnerable Children: Assessing and Improving the Christian Response
·           Dick Stellway (Moderator, Viva)
·           Esther Gwan (World Relief)
·           Catherine Mulikita (Churches Health Association of Zambia)
·           Dr. Henry Perry (JHSPH/Future Generations)
Learning from each other; Fostering clusters of faith-based projects in India and Kenya
Dr. Nick Henwood (Community Health Global Network)
Fertility Awareness Methods of Family Planning: A Review of Evidence, Guidelines and Tools for Program Integration
·           Jeannette Cachan (Georgetown University Institute of Reproduction Health)
·           Lauren Van Enk (Georgetown University Institute of Reproduction Health)
Avoiding and Overcoming Unhealthy Dependency in the Christian Movement
Glenn Schwartz (World Mission Associates)
Workshop Session #3 (running concurrently)
Measuring Progress Toward Behavior Change
·           Emily Chambers (Moderator, Medair)
·           Kimberly Buttonow (Food for the Hungry)
·           Rose Nesbitt (Pan African Christian AIDS Network)
·           Laura van Vuuren (Medical Teams International)
Planning Community-based Primary Health Care Programs to Improve Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health
Dr. Henry Perry (Johns Hopkins School of Public Health)
Total Health Village
Dr. Ravi Jayakaran (MAP International)
Christian Hospitals
·           Dr. Elvira Beracochea (MIDEGO, Inc.) - presenting on behalf of
Dr. Chidi Ukandu (MIDEGO, Inc) and
Dr. Sekeleghe Kayuni (Zomba MASM Medi-Clinic, Malawi)
·           Dr. Paul Armerding (Medical Compass)
·           Dr. Dean Pallant (Salvation Army)
·           Dr. Rufi Macagba (Lorma Medical Center)
Student Session
Twists and Turns: Global Health Professionals Share their stories
·           Sallie Craig Huber
·           Dr. Samuel Mwenda
Plenary #4
Faith-Based Organizations in Haiti Before and Immediately after the Earthquake and Longer-Term Plans
·           Dr. Henry Perry, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
·           Bram Bailey, Salvation Army World Service Office
·           Mary Lou Fisher, Samaritan’s Purse
·           Rick Santos, IMA World Health
·           Rev. Lauren Stanley, Episcopal Diocese of Haiti
·           Scott Ruschak, MAP International

Praise and Communion Service
Rev. Lauren Stanley
Plenary #5
Family Planning: Key to the MDGs and Comprehensive Health Care in Africa
·           Dr. Douglas Huber, (Moderator), Chair CCIH Family Planning/Reproductive Health Working Group; Reproductive Health Consultant
·           Dr. Samuel Mwenda, General Secretary, Christian Health Association of Kenya
·           Dr. Judith Brown, CCIH Senior Technical Consultant
·           Devina Patel, CCIH Project Manager
Working Group Meetings
Orphans and Vulnerable Children - Dr. Dick Stellway
Family Planning/Reproductive Health - Dr. Douglas Huber
Global Religious Health Assets Mapping (GRHAM) - Scott Todd
Community Health - Bram Bailey, Connie Gates Dr. Nick Henwood
Gender & Health - Jacqui Patterson
HIV Prevention & Health Behavior - Emily Chambers & Laura van Vuuren
Transformation - Stan Rowland
Christians Hospitals - Dr. Paul Armerding & Dr. Elvira Beracochea
Workshop Session #4
Corruption and Bribery: Nothing New Under the Sun
Bob Blees (SIM)
A Christian Perspective on Women and the Millennium Development Goals
·           Mayssa El Khazen, Jana Ntumba & Dr, Jonathan Quick (Management Sciences for Health)
·           Dr. Zipporah Kpamor (Christian Health Association of Nigeria)
·           Jacqui Patterson (Women of Color/NAACP)
Rescuing the Bottom Billion through Control of NTDs, the Biblical Diseases
Dr. Peter Hotez (Sabin Vaccine Institute)

Micro-Grants in the Republic of Georgia
Verita Powers (MIDEGO, Inc)
Plenary #6
Interfaith Action for the MDGs
·           Henry Mosley, Moderator, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
·           Katherine Marshall, World Faiths Development Dialogue
·           Jean Duff, Center for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty
·           Ted Karpf, World Health Organization
Special Session Honoring Dr. Carl Taylor
·           Dr. Henry Perry & Dr. Henry Taylor, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
·           Reflections from the participants
Plenary #7
Where do we go from here?
Dr. Elvira Beracochea, MIDEGO Inc
Student Session
Next Steps in Career Development: A conversation with Dr. Jono Quick

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