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Theme: Technologies and Health: A Faith-Based Perspective
Dates: May 23-25, 2009
Venue: Bishop Claggett Center, Buckeystown, Maryland
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Pre-Conferences (running concurrently)
Integrating Family Planning into Faith-Based HIV/AIDS Programs (Family Health International & CCIH Family Planning/Reproductive Health Working Group)
Innovations in Monitoring & Evaluation: How to use M&E to improve performance (MIDEGO, Inc)
Introductory Plenary
Faith-Based Organizations as Key Partners in the Global Fight Against Malaria
·       Rear Admiral Tim Ziemer, US Malaria Coordinator
·       Marsha Macatta-Yambi, Christian Social Services
      Commission, Tanzania
·       Ray Martin, CCIH Executive Director
Plenary #1
Biblical Wisdom for Digital Living: Wired for Technology, Instructions Not Included
·       Dr. Jonathan Quick, CEO, Management, Sciences for Health
Workshop Session #1 (running concurrently)
Integrating GIS in HIV Program Monitoring
·       Sheri Warren and Jeff Eisman, Samaritan's Purse 
The Church’s Response to the Scaling up of HIV Prevention and Care in Liberia
              ·       Rev Moses Gobah and Stephen Korvah, Jr., 
             Lutheran Church in Liberia HIV&AIDS                       
              ·       Selma Scott-Gibson, Christian HIV&AIDS               
             Network of Liberia
              ·       Janice Nanka, UNHCR Liberia                                    
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in Remote Areas
- Rogers Hellman (Four Corners Medical Software/The    Gnosis Medical Project)
Partnerships for Preparedness: Faith Community and Local Health Department Collaboration
              ·       Dr. Henry Taylor and O. Lee McCabe
             Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health            


Plenary #2 
Health Systems and Technology: A Christian Response
·       Dr. Henry Mosley, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg 
            School of Public Health (moderator)   
·       Dr. Sarla Chand, IMA World Health                            
·       Joy Mukaire, Christian Health Association of Sudan


Workshop Session #2 (running concurrently)
Non-broadcast video as a means of community education about HIV, gender and related issues in Sub-Saharan Africa
·       Glen Williams, Strategies for Hope Trust                    
Biblical Wisdom for Digital Living: Wired for Technology, Instructions not included 
             ·       Dr. Jonathan Quick, Management Sciences for Health
Multiple and Concurrent Partners: New insights, New tools and New challenges
              ·       Allison Herling Ruark, Harvard Center for                    
             Population and Development Studies
              ·       Dr. Dehab Belay, Catholic Relief Services                 
              ·       Dr. Rose Nesbitt and Dr. Chinyelu Lee,       
             PanAfrican HIV&AIDS Network
Careers in International Health
·       Evelyn Garland, moderator (CCIH)
How does Context determine the effective use of health technologies? A Case Study: The Lorma Story
·       Dr. Rufi Macagba, Lorma Medical Center       


CCIH Working Group Sessions  
    HIV Prevention and Health Behavior - Allison Herling Ruark
Global Religious Health Assets Mapping (GRHAM) - Scott Todd
Family Planning/Reproductive Health - Douglas Huber
Community Health - Connie Gates, Nick Henwood, Bram Bailey
Orphans and vulnerable Children - Dick Stellway
Transformation - Laura van Vuuren
Global Fund - Nancy Harris  
Christian Hospitals
Disabilities - Jacqui Patterson
Material and Child Health - Jacqui Patterson
Water and Sanitation


Plenary #3 
 Family Planning, Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS Panel
(organized by the Family Planning/Reproductive Health and the HIV Prevention & Health Behavior Working Groups)
·       Katherine Lavoie, Institute for Reproductive Health,
            Georgetown University
·       Dr. Judith Brown, Brown Consultants for Africa, Inc.
·       Carolyn Curtis, NurseEducate                         
·       Dr. Douglas Huber


Mini-Plenary Session (running concurrently)
Community Learning System: Increasing Accountability for Results from Development Assistance
·       Joy Mukaire and Lawrence Jackson, Christian                 
             Health Association of Sudan
Improving Public/Private Partnerships and Healthcare Services through Mapping Technologies
             ·       Scott Todd, IMA World Health
             ·       Charles Franzén, IMA World Health
              ·             Marsha Macatta-Yambi, Christian Social                  
             Services Commission, Tanzania
              ·       Frank Baer, Baertracks


Workshop Session #3 (running concurrently)
Violence Against Women and Girls: Engaging Churches
·       Jacqui Patterson, Women of Color United
·       Christopher Yaye, Tangaza Men’s Initiative on           
             Gender-Based Violence and HIV&AIDS                    
·       Janice Nanka, UNHCR Liberia
FBO Engagement in Male Circumcision
·       Allison Ruark, moderator, Harvard Center for  
             Population and Development Studies
·       Dr. Judith Brown, Brown Consulting for Africa, Inc
·       Prof. Frank Gillum, Howard University College
·       Stefan Livingston, University of Maryland
Innovative technologies for Primary Health Care
             ·       Dr. Milton Amayun, International Aid


Workshop Session #4  (running concurrently)
Assisting OVC: Promising Approaches from the Field
·       Dick Stellway, Viva (moderator)
·       Dr. Jack Bryant, Professor of Global Health
·       Moses Dombo, World Vision                                       
·       Adele Clark, Catholic Relief Services                         
Healthcare Technology in Crisis: Unusable Biomedical Equipment in the Developing World
             ·       Billy Teninty, International Aid
Responding to HIV&AIDS on the Ground Experiences of the Faith Community
              ·       Sister Margaret Ishengoma, IMA World Health
              ·       Judi Ballweber, Assemblies of God World Missions      


Plenary #4 
Reflections on Faith and Technology
·     Sallie Craig Huber (moderator)
·     Dr. Henry Mosley
·     Dr. Jono Quick
·     Obadiah Manley







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