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Theme: Community Health & Wholeness
Dates: May 24-26, 2008
Venue: Bishop Claggett Center, Buckeystown, Maryland
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Communities 'Health' Themselves: Community-Based Primary Health Care  -  What it is and How to do it?
The Role of the Faith Community in the Global Fight against AIDS:
- Where we are and Where we are going?                           
Transformation Working Group Discussion
Plenary #1
Community Health: Christian Contribution to Primary Health Care,
including the Alma Ata Declaration
·       Dr. Jack Bryant,
·       Dr. Carl Taylor,
·       Dr. Henry Mosley (moderator)
Workshop Session #1 (running concurrently)
New Directions in Family Planning and Reproductive Health
What do CCIH Member Organizations Do and Say about Family Planning? New Survey Findings
·       Dr. Douglas Huber
·       Dr. Judith Brown
·       (Evelyn) Rong Yang
·       Dr. Richard Brown
Contraception –The Best Kept Secret in HIV Prevention
·       Ed Scholl                                                              
Integrating Healthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancies into Child Health in Rwanda
·       Dr. Gloria  Ekpo                                                                                              
Tools for HIV Prevention Programs
             ·       Bob Blees
             ·       Dr. Dorothy Brewster-Lee
             ·       Emily Chambers
             ·       Sybil Gray/Dr. Hanna Klaus
             ·       Carolyn Wetzel
Training for Community Health

- Salvation Army World Service (SAWSO)

- The Tropical Institute of Community Health and       
Development in Africa (TICH)
- Community Health Evangelism (CHE-LifeWind International)
- Jamkhed International (CHRP)
Diarrhea: Approaches to Stem Child Mortality
              ·       James Bodenner, Paul Freeman                                
              ·       John Scicchitano                                                       
              ·       Martin Shupack                                                          
Student Workshop #1:
Student Networking Skills Building Session
              ·       Dr. Milton Amayun, Michelle Fraser                          
Plenary #2
Community Health Christians, Practicing What They Preach
·       Dr. Nick Henwood                                                       
·       Jacqui Patterson                                                         
·       Dr. Henry Perry                                                
Workshop Session #2   (running concurrently)
Partnerships for Community Health
·       Dr. Peg Cumberland,
·       Dr. Nick Henwood,                                                      
·       Martine Polycarpe
Human Resources and Task Shifting: The PHC Approach
·       Connie Gates, Facilitator
Improving the Well-being of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
(OVC Panel #1): Promoting Awareness and Action
              ·       Dr. Jack Bryant                 
              ·       Moses Dombo                                                 
              ·       Paul Freeman                                                         
Technology for Health Improvement
              ·       James Bodenner, Billy Teninty                                   
Student Workshop #2:
Student Leadership in International Health
               ·       Dr. Henry Mosley 
Mini-Plenary Session  (running concurrently)
Community-Based HIV Prevention: Examples from the Field
               ·       Rev. Troy Lewis, Rebecca Vander Meulen                 
Christian Hospitals and Community Health
               ·       Dr. Paul Armerding
               ·       Dr. Anil Cherian                                                 
               ·       Maj. Dean Pallant
               ·       Maj. Eirwen Pallant
Plenary #3
Leading Health Organizations: Lessons from God's First Century
Leadership Team:
              ·       Dr. Jono Quick     
Film: Mountains of Hope - Building up the Human Resources for Health in Lesotho  www.globalprimarycare.org/lesotho-documentary
Plenary #4
Community Health – Global Renewal and Christian Engagement
              ·       Paul Freeman
              ·       Connie Gates                                                
              ·       Ambassador Mark Dybul (Video Message)
              ·       Rev. Canon Ted Karpf    
Workshop Session #3  (running concurrently)
Faithfulness and HIV Risk Within Marriage: Program and Research Perspectives
              ·       Dr. Dorothy Brewster-Lee                                             
              ·       Emily Chambers                                                         
              ·       Allison Herling Ruark                                                  
Applying the Lessons from God's 1st Century Leadership Team in 21st Century Health Organizations
              ·       Dr. Jono Quick
              ·       Jane Adhiambo Ochieng
              ·       Dr. Paul Armerding                                                  
              ·       Dr. Sarla Chand
              ·       Dr. Anil Cherian
Family Planning and Reproductive Health:Successful Faith-
Based Leadership - Delivering Family Planning to Communities
               ·       Frank Baer
               ·       Bernard Balibuno                                                       
               ·       Dr. Douglas Huber                                                   
Community Health in Difficult Situations
                ·       Dr. Milton Amayun
                ·       Sonny Enriquez
                ·       Carrie Stewart
      ·      CharlesFranzén                                                          
Sustainability in Community Health
                ·       Dr. Henry Perry
Workshop Session #4  (running concurrently)
Community Health in Urban Settings
                ·       Dr. Paul Armerding                                 

                ·       Stan Rowland                                            
                ·       Mark Strand                                         
Improving the Well-being of Orphans and Vulnerable Children: Implementing Productive Approaches
           ·    Dr. Dorothy Brewster-Lee
           ·    Thebisa Chaava                                 
         ·      GeorgeOsoo    
The Role of the Church in Providing Health Care:
                  ·       Rev. Moses Gobah                   
                  ·       Rebecca Vander Meulen                 
                  ·       Rev. Michael Ogwuche
Increasing Capacity for Care and Support:An In-depth look at Home-Based Care Volunteers and Psychosocial Programming
                  ·       Shannon Senefeld                   
                  ·       Daphyne Williams               
Tools for Community Health and Development
                   ·       Bram Bailey, Ryan Rushing
Plenary #5
Community Health – Where Do We Go From Here?
       ·       Dr. Milton Amayun,
       ·       Ray Martin,                                                                 
       ·       W. Michael Smith                                                       
Plenary #6
Stepping Out in Faith: God’s Faithfulness – Finding Strength and Hope Through Prayer and Intercession
       ·       Dr. Carl Stecker
Worship Songs, Readings & Responses
                   ·       Joel Ruark, Worship Leader                                        
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