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Theme: Excellence, Innovation and Influence: Pathways to Health and Wholeness
Dates: May 27-29, 2006
Venue: Bishop Claggett Center, Buckeystown, Maryland
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Gender, Reproductive Health and HIV Prevention (Defending the ABCs of AIDS Prevention: A Feminist Perspective)
                        ·       Dr. Elaine Murphy                                                       
Revitalizing Family Planning and Reproductive Health
                        ·       Dr. Douglas Huber                                                       
Biblical Reflections on a Call to Action for Reproductive Health/Family Planning
                        ·       Dr. Gloria Ekpo                                                           
Promising Strategies and Approaches for Community Based Family Planning
            ·       Beth Outterson                                                            
Christian Faith, Health and Social Justice
            ·       Dr. David Hilton                                                          
Christian Health and Wholeness: Understanding Excellence (Opening Plenary)
             ·       Dr. Vinod Shah                                                           
The Avian/Human Influenza Pandemic: Why the concern?
             ·       Dr. Milton Amayun
The Avian/Human Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Plans
             ·       Dr. Sri Chander                                                           
Our Scriptural Calling to Care for the Marginal
            ·       Jyl Hall                                                                       
Using Motivational Interviewing Techniques in Health Promotion: The Basics
           ·       Tom Davis                                                                  
           ·       Jacqui Patterson 
Roots of Corruption: Professional and Personal
                       ·       Dr. Vinod Shah                                                           
The ABC Approach to HIV Prevention: Answers to Common Questions
                       ·       Dr. Ted Green,                                                 
                       ·       Allison Herling
FBO and the Ministry of Health in DR Congo
            ·       Dr. Leon Kintaudi                                                       
Innovative Recruitment & Retention Strategies by CHAM Facilities
            ·       Desiree Mhango
Addressing the Human Resource in Health Crisis: Empowering the Private Not for Profit Health Training Institutions to Play their Role
             ·       Marieke Verhallen                                                      
Health Assets Mapping: GRHAM, ARHAP, Health Mapper & More
             ·       Dr. Frank Baer                                                 
Approaches to Health Facility Data Collection and Mapping
                         ·       Dr. Bolaji Fapohunda                                                 
Application of GIS Technology in Professional Health
                         ·       Scott Todd                                                                 
Burnout: The Silent Epidemic
              ·       Dr. Ron Mataya                                                           
Where There is No Psychologist: Community-level Treatment of Depression Using Interpersonal Group Therapy
                           ·       Tom Davis,
                           ·       Gracia Blees                              
Teaching Health and Wholeness in the University Context
                  ·       Doug Fountain                                                 
Integrated Church Response to HIV/AIDS: The Irony of Treatment and Care
                 ·       Dr. Judith Brown                                               
AIDS in Primary Health Care: Seven services you can provide
                    ·       Dr. Judith Brown                                                


Decentralization, Co-Management and FBOs
                    ·       Dr. Frank Baer                                                  
Participatory Learning for Action (PLA)
                 ·       Dr. Sri Chander                                    
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