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Theme: Christian Engagement in Health Systems: Where We've Been and Where We're Going
Dates: May 28-30, 2005
Venue: Wellspring Retreat Center, Germantown, Maryland
Global Health Council Auxiliary Event: May 31, 2005
Venue: Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, DC
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World Relief's CS Health Information System
·       Melanie Morrow                                                           
Program Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation
·       Virginia Lamprecht                                                      
Temptations in the Wilderness
·       Vinod Shah                                                                  
CCIH Involvement in Abstinence and Behavior Change for Youth
·       Allison Herling                                              
·       Ray Martin
Global Religious Health Assets Mapping Project (GRHAM)
           ·       Ray Martin
           ·       Phyllis Stuckey                                                         
           ·       Allison Herling
The Role of Church Health Units in Health Reforms
            ·       Maono Ngwira                                                            
Challenges of Christian Health Associations in Africa
            ·       Samuel Mwenda                                                        
Christian Health Associations in Africa
             ·       Frank Dimmock                                                           
Medical Mission Mobilization Trends for the 21st Century
              ·       Neil Thompson                                                           
Seventh Day Adventist Churches' Health Services: Challenges and Opportunities
               ·       Ron Mataya                                                                


The SANRU (Santé Rurale) Program in DR Congo: Where We've Been and Where We're Going
                ·       Leon Kintaudi                                                           
                ·       Frank Baer
Poverty and Tuberculosis: Global Overview, Case Study from Kenya
                ·       Christy Hanson                                                
Challenges to Christian Health Systems
                 ·       Samuel Mwenda                                                       
                 ·       Maono Ngwira
Transformation and Community Health Evangelism
                 ·       Stan Rowland                                                             
Faith Communities Responding to HIV/AIDS in Africa: Building Curriculum for Theological Institutions
                 ·       Ndunge Kiiti                                                               
Community-Based Interventions to Tackle Poverty-Associated Diseases: Case Study
of Trachoma
                  ·       Jacob Kumaresan                        
The ABCs of AIDS Prevention: What's the Controversy?
                  ·       Henry Mosley                                  
Has Uganda Moved to Abstinence Only?
                  ·       Ted Green                                                                  
What Motivated the Early Christian Health Missions? Anatomy of Transformation in India
                  ·       Vinod Shah                                                                
Child Marriage, Married Adolescents, and HIV Risk-- What is the Role of the Church?
                   ·       Judy Diers                          
Highlights of “Faith In Action” – A Multi-Country Study Examining the Role of Faith-Based Organizations in Addressing HIV/AIDS
       ·       Rabia Matthai                                                             
Religious and Cultural Determinants of Health Care: A Qualitative Study from India

·       Vinod Shah 


The Contribution of Religious Institutions to 20th Century Progress in International Health
                    ·       Ray Martin 
Ethics and the Work of NGOs/FBOs in Developing Countries
                    ·       Joseline Bruce                                                
Contraceptive Sterilization in Low Development Settings: Case Study in Uganda
                    ·       Gorrette Nalwadda                              
Religion-Based Definitions of Gender Roles: Any Effect on the Welfare of Women?
                    ·       Fraction Dzinjalamala                                                
Decentralizing ARV Therapy through Faith-Based Health Care Networks
                    ·       Anthony Amoroso 


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