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CCIH Members Share Vaccine Support: 

Christians and Immunization: Exploring Religious Objections | October 2014 | This video features Dr. Richard Lane, MD, MPH; Director of the Public Health Program at Liberty University addressing recent reports of religious objections to vaccination and explores the reasons behind these and how faith communities can help educate and allay fears regarding vaccines. 

Christians Reaching the Unreached with Vaccines in Nigeria | October 2014 | This video features Dr. Daniel Gobgab, MD, MPH, Secretary General of the Christian Health Association of Nigeria describing how CHAN members reach people, especially in hard-to-reach areas, with vaccines. He also addresses how CHAN works through religious leaders to allay fears and counter misperceptions of vaccination.

Christians' Long Support for Vaccines | October 2014 | This opinion piece by CCIH Executive Director Emeritus and CCIH member Sambe Duale about support among Christians for vaccines and collaboration among Christians and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance to reach children with lifesaving vaccines appeared in the blog section of the Christian Century.

Evangelical Church in Ethiopia is Key Partner in Reducing Child Deaths with Vaccinations | October 2014 | CCIH member, the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus turned to pastors and church leaders to help educate communities on the importance of immunization with very positive results. The Gambella Regional State saw a dramatic increase in vaccination rates as a result of the church's immunization program.   

CCIH Board Member Calls for Strong U.S. Support for Immunization and Gavi | September 2014 | A piece by CCIH Board Member Bill Simmons, President and CEO of American Leprosy Missions calling for strong U.S. support for immunization programs and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance appeared in the Greenville (SC) Journal. | View the article 

CBCHS Fights Cervical Cancer with Vaccine | September 2014 | CCIH member, the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services, has been providing care and preventive health services in Cameroon for more than 60 years, operating six hospitals and more than 75 health units in the African nation. In response to the high rate of cervical cancer in Cameroon, CBCHS Women's Health Program (WHP) embarked on a program in 2010 to protect girls from developing the disease by vaccinating them against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that causes cervical cancer. Due to the success of the project, Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, awarded the Cameroon Ministry of Health Gardasil at a very reduced cost of 20 cents (U.S.) per dose to immunize 15,000 girls aged 9-13 years in Cameroon beginning in November 2014.

Christian Organization Delivers Life-Saving Vaccines | April 2014 | A piece on the work of CCIH member Bishop Masereka Christian Foundation to provide vaccines to children and mothers in Uganda appeared on the website of the Christian publication Sojourners on April 24, 2014. | View the article

CCIH Fact Sheet:

Vaccines Save Lives: How Faith Groups Can Help | 2014 | Christian Connections for International Health |This fact sheet, produced with support from the GAVI Alliance, describes how vaccines save the lives of millions of children each year and the need for increased coverage to reach children who are not currently being immunized. It includes examples of faith-based organizations who are reaching children at risk of deadly diseases that can be prevented with vaccines and why the faith community can be leveraged to save even more lives.

About Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance:

GAVI Alliance and Faith Groups | The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations (GAVI) Alliance was launched in 2000 to fund vaccines for children in more than 70 of the world's poorest countries. Its mission is to save children's lives and protect health by increasing access to immunizations in the world's poorest nations. The GAVI Alliance brings together organizations involved in immunizations, including governments, foundations, international development and finance organizations and the pharmaceutical industry to work together to close the gap between children for whom immunization is a given and millions of children worldwide with no access to basic vaccines. GAVI partners with civil society organizations, including faith communities to improve access to immunizations. | Video on GAVI's Origins and Impact | Video on Funding GAVI Model

Engaging Faith Communities on Immunization: What's Next? | 2013 | World Faiths Development Dialogue | Katherine Marshall | This brief summarizes and draws on the report "Faith & Immunization: Past, Present and Potential Roles of Faith-Inspired Organizations" which examines the link between faith and immunizations and explores the potential for faith groups to be more involved in this important strategy for child survival.  

Faith & Immunization: Past, Present and Potential Roles of Faith-Inspired Organizations | 2012 World Faiths Development Dialogue | Lynn Aylward | This paper examines the links between faith and immunization with the goal of stimulating brainstorming as to how faith-inspired organizations (FIO), many of which are already very much involved with immunization in poor countries, could help to introduce the new vaccines. It represents a joint effort of the GAVI Alliance, the UN Foundation's Shot @ Life campaign, and the World Faiths Development Dialogue. The paper reviews how FIOs are involved in direct immunization services in low-income countries and in advocacy and financing.

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