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Adventist Development and Relief Agency: The HIV & AIDS Crisis | CCIH member, ADRA, providesWorld AIDS Day Resources, Tool Kits, and education on spreading the word by sharing at your church, and writing letters to editors

Christian Medical Association of India: Policy Advocacy Group | This webpage gives the description of a Policy and Advocacy group's  objectives and focus areas, which includes palliative care, sex selection, right to health, and rational drug use.

Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network | EPN's HIV/AIDS Treatment Literacy Guide for Church Leaders was produced to fill the need revealed by a study conducted in 2004-2005 in Burkino Faso, Kenya and Rwanda that found a widespread need for church leaders to increase their understanding of antiretroviral drugs and their role in fighting HIV/AIDS. | CCIH member EPN is a Christian, nonprofit organization that works for fair and compassionate quality pharmaceutical services as a means of achieving health and access to medicines. | Origins of the Guide | Table of Contents | Order Form Overview on HIV/AIDS | The website,, provides an overview of the origin and history of HIV/AIDS, as well as research and treatment.

UNAIDS Resources | The resource center of UNAIDS offers the latest press releases, feature stories and speeches. It also offers policy guidance, a multimedia center, an extensive range of publications, and updates on regional and global gatherings covering a diversity of AIDS-related issues, including AIDS advocacy. They develope a range of advocacy, technical and policy tools on HIV-related issues.

Update on Hormonal Contraceptives and Risk of HIV Transmission: Current WHO Recommendations | CCIH supports family planning by faith-based organizations, although CCIH does not take any position on which family planning methods or choices of contraceptives are acceptable, leaving that choice to each of our members or faith communities, or to individual couples. A recent WHO technical report provided the latest consensus of experts on hormonal contraceptives and HIV risk. The expert committee continues to affirm that hormonal contraceptives, including injectables such as Depo-Provera, may be provided with no restrictions--Medical Eligibility Criteria (MEC), Category 1. However, there is a stronger recommendation to always use condoms if at high risk of HIV infection.

World Vision Experience: AIDS | World's Vision provides an interactive, walk-through exhibit that will transport you into the heart of Africa and the life of a child. Watch the exhibit video and learn more. Organize a church event to educate your community.




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