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  • The ABC Approach to Preventing the Sexual Transmission of HIV: Common Questions and Answers, 2007 | This book, an initiative of the CCIH HIV Prevention and Health Behavior Working Group, addresses common questions and answers regarding the ABC approach to HIV prevention (Abstain, Be faithful, or use a Condom). Through a clear, concise review of relevant data, it presents compelling evidence of the power of the ABC approach to dramatically reduce the sexual transmission of HIV. This document is for health professionals and non-health professionals alike, and anyone who has ever wondered if there is hope for the AIDS epidemic.


  • CCIH Co-Sponsors Compelling Discussion on Church's Role in HIV/AIDS | UNAIDS, The Balm in Gilead, Christian Connections for International Health and the Lewinsville Presbyterian Church hosted a conversation on "Women, HIV and the Faith Community: Bringing the Voice of African Women to Washington" on Wednesday, 16 November 2011. This link includes a video recording of the event.


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