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CCIH 26th Annual Conference in June 2012 | Find information about the theme, presentations and more

General Information About CCIH Conferences

CCIH grew out the collective interest of Christian health professionals who would see each other at the yearly meetings of the National Council for International Health, the precursor of the Global Health Council. At first they would chat with each other between sessions, eventually scheduling meetings during the conference and then agreeing to arrive before the NCIH conference to meet. The group made the decision to hold its first formal meeting as CCIH in 1987 and has been holding annual gatherings since that time.

Originally called retreats, now called conferences, the purpose of these annual gatherings has been to provide a comfortable faith-filled envrionment where Christians involved in international health can meet to discuss issues of common interest, debate issues that they might not agree upon, share information about their work, review best practices and innovative ideas, and explore partnerships while also, through fellowship and worship, sharing their common faith and desire to serve God in their life and work.

More detailed information about CCIH Annual Conferences since 2003 can be found under CCIH Annual Conference Presentations.

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