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On December 3-4, 2014,CCIH held a meeting in conjunction with USAID's Advancing Partners and Communities and the United Nations Foundation Universal Access Project to advance a constructive dialogue on family planning from a Christian Perspective. The meeting was hosted by the Salvation Army World Service Office in Alexandria, Va., USA and was attended by 48 representatives from 26 international health organizations, various Christian denominations, and USAID.
Overall, participants agreed that family planning programs should focus on locally-sustainable efforts; prioritizing cultural competency; and emphasizing the voluntary, informed choice of reproductive health services. In addition, programs should incorporate messages on the following: biblical teachings; culture-specific gender roles; local leadership involvement; economic-driven reasoning; male involvement in education and programming; the dangers of early child marriage; the importance of waiting until age 18 to conceive children; and the benefits of promoting healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies.
The following resources were distributed during or after the meeting.
  • Faith Matters: International Family Planning from a Christian Perspective | View PDF
  • Meeting Summary | View PDF
  • Presentation by Dr. Henry Mosley, Professor Emeritus, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health on the role of family planning in improving maternal health. | View Presentation
  • "Talking about Family Planning: Inviting the Bible to the Table" | Presentation by Reverend Jackson Day, United Methodist Chruch, General Board of Church and Society | View Presentation
  • "American Catholics in Transition" | Presentation by Dr. William D'Antonio, Catholic University | View Supporting Article
  • U.S. Strategies to Engage Faith Leaders and Communities | View Briefing from USAID
  • USAID Resource Guide for Family Planning: A guide to tools and resources to support family planning programming and advocacy | View Guide
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