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  • Faith Matters: A Christian Approach to Engaging Youth in Family Planning | June 2015 | This fact sheet was produced with support from and in collaboration with USAID's Advancing Partners and Communities. Every year more than 7 million girls under the age of 18 give birth in developing nations, and pregnancy and complications from childbirth are the leading causes of death for adolescent girls in the developing world. This fact sheet addresses these serious issues and helps the reader connect his/her Christian faith with family planning to improve the health of young people. It also provides direction on how faith-based organizations can address healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies in their communities.

  • Faith Matters: International Family Planning from a Christian Perspective | June 2015 | This booklet was produced with support from USAID's Advancing Partners and Communities. It was the result of a two-day consultation to advance a constructive dialogue on family planning from a Christian Perspective. The meeting was hosted by the Salvation Army World Service Office in Alexandria, Va., USA and was attended by 48 representatives from 26 international health organizations, various Christian denominations, and USAID. It is designed to help faith communities discuss family planning from a Christian perspective and provides evidence of why family planning improves maternal and child health, along with lists of resources for more information.

  • Family Planning Realities Among Faith-Based Medical Bureaus in Uganda | December 2013 | CCIH commissioned a family planning (FP) survey of faith-based facility-based private not-for-profit (FB-PNFP) health facilities in Uganda in 2013. The survey revealed that faith-based facility-based health facilities in Uganda are well positioned to take on additional family planning service provision, including both counseling and provision of FP methods.  


  • Family Planning: Another Way Faith Groups Can Prevent HIV Infections | Last Updated May 2013 | Christian Connections for International Health with support from Georgetown Institute for Reproductive Health and the United Nations Foundation | A fact sheet on how family planning helps reduce and prevent HIV infections with suggestions on incorporating family planning practices to current HIV/AIDS activities.  

  • How Faith-based Organizations Can Help Reduce Abortions | Updated September 2015 | Christian Connections for International Health. This fact sheet discusses how family planning helps reduce abortions with compelling quotes from key prominent Christian public health leaders on the effect of family planning in preventing unintended or unhealthy pregnancies.   

  • Getting Contraceptives to Health Facilities: 10 Questions for Community-Based Groups to Consider | Many couples in the developing world want to space their children because they know that adequate time between pregnancies is healthy for mothers and children. This guide will help organizations plan and implement the process of ensuring a consistent supply of family planning commodities for service delivery sites, field sites and health workers, a process which requires careful planning, coordination and overall management, and will most likely involve a range of partner organizations. | July 2012  CCIH is seeking comments on the guide from those who have experience in the field of reproductive health supply acquisition. Send comments to Amy Metzger of CCIH. View the Guide | Email Amy Metzger 

Kiswahili: Kuwezesha Mbinu Za Uzuiaji Mimba Katika Suhula Za Afya: Maswali 10 Kwa Vikunki Vya Jamii Kuzingatia 

  • Men and Family Planning | April 2013 | Christian Connections for International Health with support from the United Nations Foundation Evidence suggests that men's active participation in decisions about family planning and reproductive health promotes better health for families. But traditionally, family planning counseling and education efforts have been aimed at women. To help organizations understand the benefits of involving men in family planning and to share examples of FBOs successfully engaging men, CCIH prepared this fact sheet on the topic. The piece features a review of studies on the issue and includes the work of CCIH members and affiliates the Adventist Development and Relief Agency, the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University and World Vision  

  • Voices from the Global South. The members of Christian Connections for International Health span the globe. They have long-term working relationships with numerous faith groups, health systems and governments. They are uniquely placed to hear and voice the concerns, of both health professionals and ordinary citizens. Here CCIH has gathered statements about family planning, its history, and its current strengths and weaknesses in several countries of the Global South.  




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