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Channels of Hope: Changing Lives Positively | World Vision | 2014 | The World Vision Channels of Hope (COH) process enables World Vision to work with Christian churches and other faith communities as essential community partners to collaborate in its programs to improve health. Channels of Hope seeks to motivate faith leaders and their congregations to respond to tough issues that affect their communities, and addresses faith leaders' perceptions about volatile or taboo issues. The areas addressed by Channels of Hope include HIV/AIDS; gender; maternal, newborn, and child health; and child protection. This document shares stories of the COH process and how lives have been transformed through training, sensitization and community involvement on issues often not addressed before by communities.
Controversies in Faith and Health Care | Andrew Tomkins, Jean Duff, Atallah Fitzgibbon, Azza Karam, Edward Mills, Keith Munnings, et al. | July 2015 | The Lancet | Faith-linked controversies include family planning, child marriage, famale genital mutilation, immunization, violence against women, sexual and reproductive health, HIV, gender, and faith activities including prayer. This paper outlines some of the controversies, describes how they influence health-care provision and uptake, and identifies opportunities for research and increased interaction between faith leaders and health-care providers to improve health care. 
Faith and Health: Past and Present of Relations between Faith Communities and the World Health Organization | Reverend Canon Ted Karpf | 2014 | Christian Journal for Global Health | The author describes collaboration between the WHO and faith-based organizations in the implementation of primary health care, the role of spirituality in health, community responses to the HIV pandemic, and definitions of Quality of Life containing spiritual dimensions. He also discusses important gaps in the appreciation and measurement of the contribution of faith communities. 
Global Health and Africa: Assessing Faith Work and Research Priorities 2012 World Faiths Development Dialogue Lynn Aylward and Katherine Marshall The World Faiths Development Dialogue and the Tony Blair Faith Foundation joined efforts to enhance the role of faith institutions working to benefit health in Africa by highlighting cases of current health work by faith-inspired organizations. An assessment was carried out to fill these gaps in knowledge and research. The full report outlines the information known about faith-inspired organizations working on health, their market share, costs, and relationships with government, international organizations, and each other through country case studies. 
How Religion and Faith Affect American Aid to Africa | Pangea | September 2012 | Recorded interview with former Boston Globe journalist John Donnelly on the significant contribution of American Christians in Africa. Donnelly discusses his 2012 book, "A Twist of Faith: An American Christian's Quest to Help Orphans in Africa" based on an American Christian who went to Malawi intending to build orphanages and the surprising discoveries he found along his journey.  
Partnering with Religious Communities for Children | UNICEF | January 2012 | According to UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake, "Long before there was a UNICEF, faith communities were among the greatest advocates for the world's neediest children, providing guidance, aid and comfort to millions of disadvanaged families." This report is intended to strengthen those partnerships and make them even more effective as UNICEF works with religious commmunities to improve the lives of children.
Religion, Development, and the United Nations | Azza Karam, Social Science Research Council | 2012 | In 2011, the Social Science Research Council (SSRC), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and the Interfaith Center of New York (ICNY) convened a series of consultations that brought together representatives of various agencies of the United Nations, leaders of faith-based non-governmental organizations, and academic researchers working in a number of different disciplines. This report summarizes the key questions, central outcomes, and select recommendations from the consultations.  
Strengthening of Partnerships between the Public Sector and Faith-based Groups | Jean Duff and Warren Buckingham | July 2015 | The Lancet | Drawing from both development and faith perspectives, this paper examines trends that could ground powerful, more sustainable partnerships and identifies new opportunities for collaboration based on respective strengths and existing models. It concludes with five areas of recommendations for more effective collaboration to achieve health goals. 
Samaritan's Purse International Health Forum | A series of webinars conducted by Samaritan's Purse on a variety of topics in global health and the work of faith-based organizations. 
Understanding the Roles of Faith-based Health-care Providers in Africa: Review of the Evidence with a Focus on Magnitute, Reach, Cost and Satisfaction | Jill Olivier, Clarence Tsimpo, Regina Gemignani, Mari Shojo, Harold Coulombe, Frank Dimmock et al. | July 2015 | The Lancet | This article reviews a broad body of published work and introduces some empirical evidence on the role of faith-based health-care providers, with a focus on Christian faith-based health providers in sub-Saharan Africa, on which the most detailed documentation has been gathered.
Reports and Briefs from the CapacityPlus Project:
Because Health Workers Matter: They Need Our Support (Advocacy Tool) | Africa Christian Health Associations Platform and CapacityPlus/IntraHealth International | This document  was developed by ACHAP's Technical Working Group to help health facility leadership and faith-based organizations advocate for developing and implementing sound health workforce management policies investing in human resources information systems, addressing health worker attraction and retention, and monitoring and evaluating progress and results.
Faith-based Organizations: Using HR Management to Support Health Workers | Sarah Dwyer | CapacityPlus/IntraHealth International | This publication is from the CapacityPlus Voices series and explores how faith-based organizations are working to strengthen human resources for health and features the work of Christian Health Associations in Africa. 
How Can Governments Work with Faith-based Organizations to Strengthen the Health Workforce? (Issue Brief) | CapacityPlus | This brief presents an overview of FBOs and human resources for health along with suggested actions, key considerations, and resources. Also Available in French
Partnering with African Faith-Based Organizations for a Strong Health Workforce | CapacityPlus | Doris Mwarey, Craig Hafner, Theresa Nyamupachitu | This technical brief highlights efforts that African faith-based organizations are making to strengthen their health workforce and integrate national health systems, with the goal of improving health outcomes.



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