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CCIH Member Response:

CCIH Member Ebola Responses September 2014 | This article, which appeared in the September 2014 issue of the CCIH Connector features the response of IMA World Health working in partnership with the Christian Health Association of Liberia to provide personal protective equipment and to reach communities with culturally appropriate radio dramas. It also features the work of Medical Teams International, American Leprosy Missions, and Medicus Christi.

CCIH Member Ebola Responses October 2014 | This report, which appeared in the October 2014 issue of the CCIH Connector features the responses of SIM, Women of Hope International, Afro-Medical Community Health and Welfare Service, Samaritan's Purse, and Medical Teams International to provide care for Ebola patients, educate communities, and to provide for the needs of Ebola orphans.

Video on Situation in Sierra Leone | This brief video, released by Women of Hope International in October 2014, describes the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone and the work of Women of Hope International to respond and help women with disabilities cope.

FBO Ebola Response Mapping and Analysis: 

Faith Communities Respond to Ebola | December 2014 | This article shares the reflections and analysis of Dr. Anne Peterson, CCIH Board Vice President, who traveled to Liberia and Sierra Leone on behalf of World Vision to evaluate the faith-based response to Ebola and recommend how the FBO response can be scaled up for greater impact.

Response to Ebola: Mapping Religious Networks and FIOs | October 2014 | World Faiths Development Dialogue | This report provides a list of faith-based organizations, where they are working, and how they are responding to the Ebola outbreak.

Briefing on Ebola and the Untapped Potential of Religious Networks | October 2014 | World Faiths Development Dialogue | Faith-based organizations are at the forefront of the medical response to Ebola in many areas and religious leaders are often looked to in highly religious societies for care and guidance. This briefing examines the potential for faith-based organizations and religious networks to be a valuable resource during the Ebola outbreak.



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