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Family planning and its role in improving maternal and child health is not well understood in much of the world, including the United States. Many global health professionals have found that providing access to family planning services and information enables families to safely space the births of their children and grow at a rate they can afford, and reduces abortions. 

To help CCIH members and others reach out to build support for international family planning, we have adapted our Mother's Day eCard (pictured above) and advocacy resources for use at any point during the year. The eCard can be sent to friends, family members and colleagues to raise awareness and remind them of the benefits of family planning on maternal and child health, and lead them to the list of CCIH family planning advocacy resources. The resources include fact sheets and sample letters to Congress and op-eds. Visit to send the eCard View CCIH Family Planning Advocacy Resources  

Get Family Planning Updates from a Faith Perspective from the New CCIH Family Planning Listserv

CCIH has launched a new listserv to share news and information related to Christians and other faith-based groups working on issues of family planning and reproductive health. To join, send a blank email to and follow the subscription instructions in the email response. 

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