Guide to Family Planning for CHWs and Their Clients Webinar Print {sharethis label=}
This webinar focused on a new WHO user-friendly family planning guide, which has been updated and aimed at empowering Community Health Workers (CHW) to provide, refer and counsel women and men on family planning at the community level. The guide could also be used by FP providers in facilities, as well as for religious leaders who may need to be updated on the safety, effectiveness and misconceptions about FP methods. FP providers in facilities would benefit learning about the use of method sheets as written handouts for acceptors of their chosen FP method.
Based on the WHO’s Decision-Making Tool for FP Clients and Providers, this webinar was presented on Aug. 24, 2011 by  Douglas Huber, MD, MSc. of IDEAS (Innovative Development Expertise and Advisory Services, Inc.) on behalf of Christian Connections for International Health.

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