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Better Together: Linking Family Planning and Community Health for Health Equity and Impact 

A report released in April 2012 by the CORE Group and written by Karin Ringheim, PhD. 

This paper provides evidence that integration of family planning with existing health interventions at the community level not only broadens access to supplies, but improves the understanding of the importance of family planning to the health of women, children and the family. Page 12 of the report highlights the significant contribution of faith-based organizations in health care in sub-Saharan Africa and discusses the results of the CCIH survey of its members on attitudes and activities in family planning as well as CCIH's collaboration with Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevoelkerung (DSW) and Muhammadiyah to produce the interfaith Nairobi Declaration.

In 2011, an Interfaith Declaration in support of family planning was signed by 200 Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist religious leaders.

"Whether a Muslim is liberal or conservative, [his or her] core values come from the Quran and religious teaching. Islam supports the health of the mother. If we can show that the mother's health is improved by timing and spacing (of pregnancies), we can make the case in our own language."

-Muslim FBO Representative






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