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One of the objectives of CCIH is to provide updated, evidence-based information, resources and viewpoints on a variety of pertinent international health topics to serve our member organizations and affiliates. The resources below were developed to inform our members and affiliates on key topics of considerable interest. 


Why Do Christians Promote Health Timing of Pregnancies? | June 2015 | A two-page brief based on a series of interviews CCIH conducted with Dr. Tonny Tumwesigye, Executive Director of the Uganda Protestant Medical Bureauand Dr. Mwai Makoka, Executive Director of the Christian Health Association of Malawi. In the interviews, they discuss why their organizations promote family planning and involve faith leaders in family planning education and promotion. 
Do you think you know where Christians stand on family planning? Think again! | Revised November 2013 | Originally Produced December 2011 | This Fact Sheet, produced by CCIH, has been used for visits to Capitol Hill when meeting with Members of Congress. It provides support for the idea that Christians are in favor of family planning, reflective of our 2008 survey results.

Family planning helps prevent HIV infection in men and women. What can faith groups do to help? This fact-sheet provides faith-based information to program managers and decision makers on how family planning programs can be integrated into existing HIV/AIDS activities. Faith-based advice for couples and churches on adding family planning activities into HIV programs is also provided.  
Family Planning Reduces Abortion - and Faith Groups Can Help | Updated January 2014 |  Many Christians around the world are concerned about abortion. But the facts linking the availability of family planning with a reduction in abortions is little understood. This fact-sheet helps to provide more information on the connections between family planning and abortion. With compelling quotes from key prominent Christian public health leaders, there are key pointers what the faith community can do to mitigate abortions worldwide. 

Men and Family Planning | April 2013 | Christian Connections for International Health with support from the United Nations Foundation Evidence suggests that men's active participation in decisions about family planning and reproductive health promotes better health for families. But traditionally, family planning counseling and education efforts have been aimed at women. To help organizations understand the benefits of involving men in family planning and to share examples of FBOs successfully engaging men, CCIH prepared this fact sheet on the topic. The piece features a review of studies on the issue and includes the work of CCIH members and affiliates the Adventist Development and Relief Agency, the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University and World Vision 
Opportunities for Faith-Based Organizations to Integrate Family Planning with HIV/AIDS Services 2009 Christian Connections for International Health and Family Health International | This document covers the following areas: benefits of family planning, unmet need for family planning remains high (especially among HIV-positive women), faith-based organizations are willing and able to provide family planning services, family planning includes a variety of methods, and family planning integration with HIV services. The document also provides examples of faith-based organizations providing family planning around the world.

Version Française: Opportunités pour les organisations confessionnelles d’intégrer la planification familiale aux services de lutte contre le VIH/Sida | Août 2012

Kiswahili Version: Nafasi kwa Mashirika ya Imani Kujumuisha Upangaji Uzazi na Huduma za HIV/Ukimwi | August 2012    


These publications were made possible by support from USAID and World Leaning, the Institute for Reproductive Health and the United Nations Foundation. For questions or comments, contact CCIH ( 


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