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Mother's Day 2012 Outreach Tools to Help Protect Mothers and Children


Please take the time to let your friends, family, local media, and representatives in Congress know that you and faith-based organizations are caring for women and children in need all over the world. Closely spaced pregnancies increase risks to the health of the mother, baby, and other children in the family. Providing access to family planning services enables families to safely space the births of their children and grow at a rate they can afford and reduces abortions.  
Speak out! Show your support for mothers and families by using the following resources:
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Resources for Churches or Other Groups
Word | PDF      Family Planning Fact Sheet  
Word | PDF      Prayer Guide for 7 Days of Devotions
Word | PDF      Liturgy Resources for a Mother’s Day Sermon  
PPT   | PDF      Family Planning PowerPoint Presentation  
Word | PDF      Insert for a Church Bulletin leading up to Mother’s Day
Word | PDF      Resources on Maternal Safety and Health: videos, hymns,                                            and discussion guides 
Word | PDF      List of Actions to Show Support for Mothers & Children
Outreach Tools
Word | PDF      Sample Op-Ed
Word | PDF      Sample Letter to Congress
We want to lift up the work of our members and partners to protect mothers and children. If your organization has an effort people can support to save the lives of mothers and children, please let us know and we will share it.
  • General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church Mother's Day Resources | VIEW
  • IMA World Health Mother's Day Resources | VIEW
  • Women of Faith for the 1,000 Days Campaign & Church Women United (CWU) Webinar to Celebrate Mother's Day: May 10, 7pm (Eastern) | VIEW
  • IMA World Health's Safe Motherhood Kit TM | VIEW



You can raise awareness about how access to health care for women protects mothers, children and families as you send Mother’s Day greetings to the special people in your life.

Visit CCIH CARES to send a CCIH Mother’s Day eCard. You can send the card to just one, or many people. It is not just designed for the sender’s own mother, it can be sent to anyone, male or female, to whom you would like to send greetings and who you think will care about protecting the lives of mothers and children.
As global health professionals, CCIH members know children are more likely to be healthy when women have access to care that helps them plan safe pregnancies, and research proves it. But many Americans are not aware of the profound impact women’s health care has on families and entire communities. This eCard is an easy way to change that!
Share Your Organizations Maternal Health Initiatives with CCIH!
CCIH wants to lift up the work of our members and partners to protect mothers and children. If your organization has an effort people can support to save the lives of mothers and children, please let us know and we will share it on the CCIH web site with our Mother’s Day Resources. Please contact to share your organization’s effort.
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