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The ability for families to space pregnancies at intervals that are healthy and enable parents to have the number of children they can support saves lives. With this in mind, CCIH is committed to advocating for access to family planning information and services for families across the globe.
Many CCIH members provide family planning services consistent with the faith of the families they serve. To help others advocate for family planning, CCIH worked with the Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project at Johns Hopkins University to develop a Family Planning Advocacy Toolkit. 
The toolkit contains information and tools to help advocates, donors, policy makers, champions, program managers and others share the message of the importance of family planning as a critical strategy in improving maternal and child health. CCIH's primary contribution to the toolkit was the inclusion of resources to help advocates work with religious leaders and strengthen the capacity of those faith leaders to reach their communities with important messages on family planning.
The toolkit was launched on July 11, 2013  in connection with World Population Day and the first anniversary of the 2012 London Family Planning Summit. | Access the Toolkit

(Photo courtesy of K4Health) 
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